How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?

Having a bright, white smile is a goal for many people, and professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular and affordable ways to achieve it. Modern dentistry has seen an increase in teeth whitening treatments over the past decade, and new products are coming to market all the time. While whitening can sometimes lighten the color of the teeth by nine or more shades, most people who whiten their teeth will likely see a change of two to seven shades. According to the FDA, the use of the term “whitening” is allowed only when teeth can be whitened beyond their natural color.Aesthetic dentists are experts in everything related to your teeth and will tell you what would work best for you and your type of teeth.

Transparency is the only condition that cannot be corrected with any type of teeth whitening. Whitening your teeth is a way to brighten your smile and feel better about your appearance. While some insurances may cover the cost of whitening, many providers consider professional teeth whitening as a cosmetic procedure and may not cover the cost.Teeth Whitening Strips - Castle Rock Colorado While different beauty standards are gaining in popularity over the years, there are some things that are considered basic elements of health and beauty and that are not likely to change over time. If you're interested in having whiter, brighter teeth but don't want to pay expensive office bills, there are some things you can do to improve the appearance of your teeth.

However, if that's you, the cost of professional teeth whitening could prevent you from scheduling an appointment.Keep in mind that the results of whitening are not permanent, which means that if you want to keep your smile whitened, you'll need to continue receiving treatments as the effects lessen. Many dentists offer packages that can reduce the total cost of your teeth whitening treatment.

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